About DNA Fund

DNA Fund is a pioneer in private venture capital with an initial registered capital of 100 million and a registered location at Shanghai, which focus on searching for global investment opportunity among internet.

DNA Fund was founded by a group of investors who care about the future development of our world. The first phase of capital was funded by CTO100. The investors will also assist the corporates in every way besides capital injection.

Investment TrendTMT Field (Technology - Media - Telecommunication) / Big Health Field
Qualified InvestorsAngel X / China-Korea Venture Fund / Overseas Investment Opportunity
Global Location

Shanghai, China

351 People’s Road, Shanghai China (inside Gucheng Park)

Silicon Valley, USA

425 Market Street, #2200, San Francisco, USA

Beijing, China

No. 20, Science and Technology City Road, Changping

Seoul, Korea

258-12, Itaewon 2-Dong, Youngan-Gu, Seoul, Korea

ChangSha, China

Mei Sihu Lake Road No. 7, Changsha

Taibei, Taiwan

2/F, 15 YiJiang Street Taipei, Taiwan

Project Demo Application & Business Plan Submission

DNA Fund holds regular project demonstration.


For start-up teams who wish to apply for project demonstration, or submit business plan, please email to: